Hate Mail

The First Letter

Why don’t you take down this stupid website and do the most important thing when residing in a neighborhood?
It’s classless, mindless, self-important as*holes like you that take the fun out of Christmas and pushed me further into the privacy of my own wooded acres (50+ acres, all mine and you can’t even see my house from the ‘road’).
If people want to go ‘over the top’…that’s their business…NOT YOUR’S!
Stuff it lady…..you’re classless!
Look here backwoods boy, mind your own business and buy your children some shoes. I’m not just self important. Look at the attention that you, a hermit and a stranger to me, gave me. Thanks for coming up from the hole you live in and making me important. Also, haven’t you heard about all of the super powers I have? It sounds like you suffer from some inferiority complex when it comes to being classy? Is that why you moved so that you can’t be seen from the road? Well, thank you to you from all of us who might have to see you if you hadn’t been pushed further into the privacy of the woods.
Merry Hillbilly Christmas,